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A professional consortium comprised of subject matter experts in a wide range of scientific and investigative disciplines providing forensic education, training and consultation.


Truth Through Evidence

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“The little things are infinitely the most important.”

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Our Services Include:

Our Services

Shooting Reconstruction

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Violent Incident Analysis

Case Analysis and Review

Forensic Fraud Case Review

Fingerprint Comparison

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Our Methodology

At TxFACT our experts employ our unique Analytical Investigative Methodology to evaluate all evidence and information available in an incident and let it lead us to a defensible, evidence based, conclusion. That philosophy is the basis for our company motto “Veritas Abs Indico: Truth through Evidence” With over 100 years of combined practical experience in the investigation of violent crimes, our experts are unsurpassed.

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